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Thursday, June 30, 2005
July 4th celebrations
I don't know about you, but I always get a little emotional on patriotic holidays. Every house is displaying a flag, people are gearing up for cookouts and family reunions. Genuardi's was packed this morning and the baskets were overflowing with hamburgers, ribs, pork and beans, potatoes. Oh, boy, I'm hungry already.

I hope you'll all have a wonderful time with your families. Mine is far, far away and getting together is limited, although I do try to see them once a year. Fortunately, I have my son, his wife and my three grandsons. There's no time to be blue with those boys around.

I'm off to make that flag cake. Wish me luck.

Happy 4th everyone.
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Well, we asked for the hot weather, it's here. The last few days have been scorchers. This past weekend, friends of ours had a garden party. The heat was intense, but the food delicious and the setting worthy of being put in a novel. Or a movie. Thank God there was a tent, and fans. In fact, when I heard someone say fan, I was gone.

And now we are fast approaching the July 4th weekend, with more outside parties and good food. This year, I might try to make one of those pretty American flag cakes. You've all seen them in magazines, with the strawberries and the blueberries for the stars and stripes. It's so pretty. I wonder how many people will have the same idea.

Then, next week, my friend Christina Skye will fly in from Phoenix to spend a few days in Philadelphia. When she comes, we always get together for a lunch and a dinner and we play catch up. I'm really looking forward to seeing her. She's one of the nicest people I know, and a fabulous writer.

As far as my writing goes, I've been on a roll lately--21 pages yesterday, 14 pages today and close to 50 pages last week. That's great, but, needless to say, I haven't sewn a stich. And I have such pretty fabric waiting to be cut--a gorgeous, pink summer tweed for a jacket, and a plain, pink gab for the skirt. Maybe next week. Otherwise I'll have to wait until next year because my fabric club is already sending me fall fabric! Except that it's much too hot to handle wool.

See you in a couple of days,
Thursday, June 23, 2005
tid bits from Christiane
Summer started out gorgeous, and with a great salad recipe from the Today Show--roasted shrimp and roasted peaches. I'm going to try it. If you want the recipe, go to the Today Show website. It's listed.

I have been writing, not sewing this week. Need the page count desperately. The bookmarks for the November book, Now You Die, are designed and at the printer. I should have them by the end of July.

This coming weekend promises to be both busy and fun. The boys are in a new baseball tournament, our friends in northern New Jersey are having a garden party and another friend is having a booksigning party at her beautiful lake-front home. That doesn't give me much time to try out my new stove, but who wants to cook inside in the summer, anyway.

Have a great weekend. Will talk to you next week.
Monday, June 20, 2005
Sewing -- joys and woes
It's been a busy few days, which is why I stayed silent. First, there was the kindergarten graduation of my youngest grandson. Too adorable. Then there was a weekend of baseball tournaments (the other two grandsons), visits from old friends, a couple of Father's Day celebration, more baseball tournaments, and some research for my book in progress thrown in.

Oh, and I finished my outfit! I have to say, it came out great, sleeves and all. I'm planning on wearing it to a booksigning at a friend's home this coming Saturday. For me, who just started sewing again, the completion of the two-piece was a huge accomplishment. Now I can tackle something else.

Bob and I spent part of the weekend in beautiful Bucks County where I'm setting the current novel. I needed something peaceful and pastoral, with a river or a canal nearby so I could have an attempted murder, and I found it.

Originally, I was going to set the book in Connecticut, then I decided to stick closer to home. There is so much history in Bucks County, I think it will add richness to the background. Browsing through a couple of bookstores, I found two books I think will help me and I spent the entire morning reading them.

That's it for now. I promised myself that I would write at least ten pages today and I'm not far from that goal. Will try to post again near the middle of the week.
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
sewing--joys and woes
Yesterday, I wrote seventeen pages of my new book (deadline is Nov 1st), so I decided to reward myself and do some sewing. It's all starting to come back now and I'm enjoying it tremendously. I already finished a sundress and I'm almost done with the bolero. It has sleeves, so I'm a little apprehensive, considering what happened to the sleeves of the previous outfit (now waiting, unfinished, on a shelf). Fortunately, those sleeves are simple, no upper or lower sleeves to confuse me.

It's amazing now that I'm telling everyone that I took up sewing again, how many people are saying, "me too." It's like a growing club.

Book Expo was great. Lots of people there looking at the books. And meeting old friends that I hadn't seen for far too long, was a real treat. I signed copies of Now You Die and ran out of books in 30 minutes. I managed to get a signed book from my friend, Mary Alice Monroe, and one from Merline Lovelace, two fabulous authors. I would have loved to linger after the signing, but my nephew had his graduating party that day and we had to rush back home.

I'll sign off now and will wait for your news. And please, if you sew, let me hear from you.


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