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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
sewing--joys and woes
Yesterday, I wrote seventeen pages of my new book (deadline is Nov 1st), so I decided to reward myself and do some sewing. It's all starting to come back now and I'm enjoying it tremendously. I already finished a sundress and I'm almost done with the bolero. It has sleeves, so I'm a little apprehensive, considering what happened to the sleeves of the previous outfit (now waiting, unfinished, on a shelf). Fortunately, those sleeves are simple, no upper or lower sleeves to confuse me.

It's amazing now that I'm telling everyone that I took up sewing again, how many people are saying, "me too." It's like a growing club.

Book Expo was great. Lots of people there looking at the books. And meeting old friends that I hadn't seen for far too long, was a real treat. I signed copies of Now You Die and ran out of books in 30 minutes. I managed to get a signed book from my friend, Mary Alice Monroe, and one from Merline Lovelace, two fabulous authors. I would have loved to linger after the signing, but my nephew had his graduating party that day and we had to rush back home.

I'll sign off now and will wait for your news. And please, if you sew, let me hear from you.

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