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Monday, June 20, 2005
Sewing -- joys and woes
It's been a busy few days, which is why I stayed silent. First, there was the kindergarten graduation of my youngest grandson. Too adorable. Then there was a weekend of baseball tournaments (the other two grandsons), visits from old friends, a couple of Father's Day celebration, more baseball tournaments, and some research for my book in progress thrown in.

Oh, and I finished my outfit! I have to say, it came out great, sleeves and all. I'm planning on wearing it to a booksigning at a friend's home this coming Saturday. For me, who just started sewing again, the completion of the two-piece was a huge accomplishment. Now I can tackle something else.

Bob and I spent part of the weekend in beautiful Bucks County where I'm setting the current novel. I needed something peaceful and pastoral, with a river or a canal nearby so I could have an attempted murder, and I found it.

Originally, I was going to set the book in Connecticut, then I decided to stick closer to home. There is so much history in Bucks County, I think it will add richness to the background. Browsing through a couple of bookstores, I found two books I think will help me and I spent the entire morning reading them.

That's it for now. I promised myself that I would write at least ten pages today and I'm not far from that goal. Will try to post again near the middle of the week.
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