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Thursday, July 21, 2005
hot, hot, hot
I'm constantly humming that song these days as there doesn't seem to be any relief in sight from the opressive heat. The weather has forced me to stay indoors and work. As a result, I now have 210 pages done (out of about 400). Not bad.

I'm also preparing the update for my website to which I will include two more recipes for the busy woman. That section of the website always generates a lot of e-mails. Women are too busy to cook, but occasionally they want something special, and quick. If that describes you, check out the website. This time around I'll include a recipe from a friend of mine, or rather two friends--Nick Biennes and Rhea Gallaher, better known as Judith Gould, the bestselling author of the book SINS. Nick and Rhea spend a lot of time in Greece and always come back with mouthwatering recipes, which they were nice enough to share with me.

I'll also include an excerpt from NOW YOU DIE, my November book, and information on how to enter my drawing--very easy. I don't know what the prize will be yet--but it will be nice.
I've got to run, but I'll see you soon.
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
worries across the Atlantic
The terrible bombing in London last week brought new worries about our friends, whom, thank God, are all right. Many phone lines were down, including land lines, and getting through was frustrating.

Then news that Dennis (the hurricane) was about to strike came out and the other side of the Atlantic was worried about how far up the East Coast Dennis would travel. Cindy brought some mighty storms in this area and even a couple of tornados. We don't know yet what's in store for Dennis.

Well, the baseball tournaments will be over tonight. Win or loose, the boys did great and we're proud of them. Sunday, after a night game, Zak was awarded the Most Valuable Player award, and Alek had three fabulous hits yesterday, which helped his team win 16-O. Tonight is the championship game and you can bet we'll be there.

Christina Skye and I spent some time together, and although the weather made it impossible to have a barbecue, we still had a great time. I haven't had a chance to do any sewing. Too busy with the book and the ever looming deadline. Speaking of deadlines, I'd better sign off.
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Post 4th of July
As much as I love long, lazy holiday weekends, I'm sort of glad it's all over. I must have gained twenty pounds from all that wonderful food. We had decided early to avoid Philadelphia altogether because of the Live 8 Concerts being held on the Parkway, and celebrate with friends and family instead. The Philadelphia event was a huge success. Reports said that we were expecting close to a million people. I don't know if we came close or not. Probably. Of course the city now has to clean up all that trash, so we'll stay away a few more days.

The neighborhood parties were wonderful, and we couldn't have had better weather. Everywhere I went, someone wore something patriotic, the tables were decorated with little flags. It was great.

Hope your holiday was just as fun. I'm back to work now. Write, write, write. It's a short week so I'm not sure I'll be able to do my 50 pages. Before I go back to the manuscript, however, I'm going to do 30 minutes on the treadmill. That should burn about 200 calories, right? Talk to you later.

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