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Thursday, August 04, 2005
news from the RWA Conference in Reno
Wow! In all the years I have attended RWA conferences, I never heard such a disgruntled crowd of attendees. I must have received more than a dozen phone calls from friends who attended (I didn't) and the comments about the award ceremonies were unanimously bad, bad, bad.

What happened? The conference, and especially the award ceremonies were supposed to celebrate twenty-five wonderful years, but apparently that wasn't the case. What a shame.

I'm glad I stayed home. Spent the time writing, so I wouldn't feel guilty about driving to the shore for a whole day to visit friends last Tuesday. What a great day. It was hot, but without any humidity. We had a great lunch--Manhattan clam chowder from a place called Boulevard Clams. Yum. That was followed by clams on the shell and champagne. And if you don't think we were hungry for dinner a few hours later, think again. We went to the Yellow Fin in Surf City--a fabulous restaurant. I could have made a meal of the appetizer--huge pieces of lump crab meat served over a thick gazpacho, a layer of guacamole and cilantro, served in a large martini glass. Heavenly. Then, since obviously, I was in the mood for shellfish, I ordered a lobster tail that was perfectly cooked and served with a butter/lime sauce. I have to do the crab in the martini thing for company. You can't imagine how pretty it is with all those different colors.

My bookmarks have arrived. Gorgeous. Don, my printer really did a great job, but then he always does. Oh, and I also received some early fall fabrics and although I made my list of what I want to order, I'm wondering when I'll find the time to do any sewing. My sewing machine is sitting on a table, looking sad....

Okay, this is running a bit long, so, until next time, bye.
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