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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
News of Phoenix, drawings, new book due out soon
Hi, everyone. I just realized that it's been ages since I "blogged" and it's time to get back in touch.

I just came back from Phoenix where Borders' Express (formerly Waldenbooks), had their District Managers Conference. It was much hotter than I'm used to, but after a couple of days, you take it all in stride. It's just a different kind of life out there.

The DMs were extremely nice, very friendly, and anxious to read the new book, Now You Die, due in stores in November. I signed about 130 books and had a chance to meet one of Mira's hard working sales rep. The dinner itself was fun. All three of us, Christina Sky, Brenda Joyce and myself, sat with several DMs and talked up a storm. After the dinner, the three authors gave a little talk before moving to the bar area for drinks.

It was good spending time with my friend Christina Sky, and make a new friend, Brenda Joyce. I'm going to lose those ten pesky pounds and steal the jeans she wore that night. She'll never know who took them.

Once back home, Bob and I drove to our friends' house in North Jersey, then went to Manhattan to see the Cezanne/Pissaro exhibition at the MOMA. Fabulous. What a talented twosome. We finished off the day by having dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Cafe Matisse. We sat outside in the garden, surrounded by flowers, fountains and waterfalls. What a setting. Matisse would have approved.

Now, it's back home and to reality, meaning trying to make the deadline (November 1st) at about the same time the new book (Now You Die) comes out. You can read an excerpt on my website ( starting on or about October 15. Don't forget to enter the drawing. Details will be given on the website, but you can enter right now by sending me your name and street address. The drawing ends on October 28 and winners will be notified soon after.

Take care,
March 2011

Christiane, I've discovered a new author - YOU! I just finished reading Scent of a Killer and want to say how much I enjoy your writing style - easy to read and not too many characters, although I did get mixed up once on a while with Amber and Angie (both beginning with a A and same amount of letters. And thanks for not describing detailed sex scenes.

Noticing in your blog the last entry is in 2005. What has happened since then?

Take care, Rita
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